Róisín Murphy first came to prominence in the 1990s as one-half of Moloko, a duo whose unmistakable sound, across four outstanding albums, largely defined the decade.

Jazzy trip hop, alternative dance, experimental pop, Moloko were impossible to categorise, but an output of staggering quality generated a devoted fanbase across the world, and countless memorable singles released between 1994 and 2003 have stood the test of time. Indeed the material sounds as relevant today as it did upon release.

Since her departure from Moloko, Róisín Murphy has embarked upon a triumphant solo career, releasing four studio albums to international critical acclaim and collaborating with many of the most forward-thinking producers, as well as enjoying countless award recognitions, including the prestigious Mercury Music Prize shortlist.

Debut solo album, Ruby Blue, written and produced with experimental musician Matthew Herbert was released to blanket praise in 2005, whilst every track on second solo album, 2007’s Overpowered, sounded like undisputed smash hits.

An eight year hiatus ended with the 2015 release of Hairless Toys, an album which saw Murphy’s most creative controls being deployed to stunning effect. This was swiftly followed in 2016 with the release of Take Her Up To Monto, a genre-spanning album high on quality and showcasing an exceptional range and depth as a songwriter. In between this, there have been multiple singles, vocal features, and standout side projects.

Throughout her solo career as an artist, singer, songwriter and record producer, Róisín Murphy has defied categorisation, thrilling her fans with unmatched levels of artistry and breathtakingly innovative work.

Time and again, her style can be clearly seen as a source of inspiration for many of the world’s biggest recording artists and image creators.

Always choosing to fit out and never fit in, the magnitude and importance of her contribution to music and creativity is without peer.

Unique and utterly magnificent, Róisín Murphy is a 21st century Style Icon.